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Why Choose Twin Hornet Heaters?

The Twin Hornet heater is an extremely safe and reliable heater that was created to maintain

a constant temperature in a boat's engine compartment. The damage caused to an engine from freezing can cost thousands of dollars.                                                             

The Twin Hornet heater line represents the highest quality heaters made. They are the only heaters manufactured that utilize two totally independent heating elements, fans and thermostats. The thermostats are wired in parallel so either thermostat will keep the heater operating. The heating elements are the safest, self-temperature regulating heaters on the market because they are made with positive temperature coefficient material. The electrical resistance of this special material changes as the temperature rises. When the safe, predetermined maximum temperature is reached, the resistance increases to the point where there is no electricity flowing through the heater. Other important features are:

  • Patented, stainless steel, self-regulating, variable wattage heating elements

  • Aircraft aluminum housing

  • Waterproof, ball bearing, 50,000 hour fans

  • Two thermostats, two heating modules and two fans

  • 25' electrical cord

  • 3 year warranty


Perhaps the most important feature of the twin heating system is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the possibility of both heaters failing simultaneously is almost nonexistent and one heating circuit will usually provide enough heat to prevent engine damage. 




Safe Boat Engine Compartment Heater
Safe Boat Engine Compartment Heater
Safe Boat Engine Compartment Heater

Hornet heaters have passed all safety and certification requirements and meet ISO 8846, SAE J1171 and USCG ignition protection standards. 

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