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Customer Testimonials

  • Absolutely amazing quality. I wanted a good heater for my bilge in the winter but the Twin Hornet 45 goes above and beyond. It has two of everything... excellent design concept, but the quality is amazing. The extension cord is thick, the heater itself is extremely well made. It comes with a carry case that's well made and padded too. Excellent instructions. Who says American made products and ingenuity are gone nowadays? These guys ROCK!!! -D. Keith November 15, 2015


  • Great Quality. This unit comes with tester freeze spray to test the thermostat. The only thing is that the unit vents from the ends so be careful not to place the heat end towards a fiberglass bulkhead in your boat. Build quality is excellent with a very long cord. -Ryan R. November 13, 2015


  • This kept my boat nice and warm during the winter. Great product!! -James Dickey April 4, 2015


  • Perfect product for our houseboat bilge area, love the way they have 2 of most all the important parts, all in one unit, would definitely purchase again from this seller - Mike Ferrell November 18, 2014



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